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Jackson Welding Supply Co., Inc. is known for the quality gases and prompt service we supply throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. We value your time and your business. Our team delivers consistent, exceptional service and product to each and every establishment we supply. Call
412-391-4500 for a visit from our excellent sales team.

We provide Industrial Gases, Specialty Gases and Food and Beverage Gases to each customer based upon their individual requirements. Many of these gases are available in variety of formats including High-Pressure Cylinders, Liquid Cylinders, Dewar, Micro-Bulk, Bulk and Disposable Calibration Cylinders.
Gas Tanks - Propane & Natural Gas in Pittsburgh, PA

Industrial Gases

Industrial Gases are used throughout many different industrial and manufacturing businesses. We have them available in pure or mixed configurations for various applications to suit your needs. Some of these gases include: Air, Acetylene, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Propane.

Specialty Gases

Two characteristics of specialty gases are their high quality and definitive uses. Therefore, most specialty gas requirements are unique and cannot be found as a part number on a page. Contact us today and our trained technical staff will be happy to quickly and efficiently source any of your needs in specialty gases, EPA Protocol Mixtures, FDA Food and Medical Grade certified gases and equipment.

Food & Beverage Division

Our Micro-Bulk CO2 Beverage Gas offers:



Prompt on-site CO2 and nitrogen beverage gas deliveries available daily.

Pre-installed Micro-Bulk CO2 Beverage Gas cylinders reduce employee cylinder management, handling and job-related injuries.
Uninterrupted flow of Micro-Bulk CO2 Beverage Gas increases drink quality and customer satisfaction, and eliminates flat drinks and gas outages.
Eliminates loss of residual gas left in returned cylinders.


  • Safety Seminars for Safe Handling
  • Cylinder Exchange Program
  • Rent or Purchase Cylinders
  • Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing

Call Jackson Welding Supply Co., Inc. today to learn more about how we may better serve your business. Our exceptional sales associates are available to schedule on-site evaluations, consultations and safety seminars for optimum products and services to suit your unique business needs.